Sweet Home Foundation Offers Students with Free Education and Career Opportunities

Pakistan Baitul-Mal Managing Director Malik Amir Fida Paracha announced on Wednesday that over 6,000 students at Pakistan Sweet Home will receive free education up until graduation, the chance to sit for the CSS exam, and great employment opportunities in federal, provincial, and autonomous institutions.

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During a media interview, he highlighted that this program was the first time in Pakistan Baitul Mal’s history that job chances had been offered (PBM).

The administrators of Pakistan Baitul Mals saw that instead of continuing their education after matriculating, pupils were going back home and starting their careers. Ten years of Pakistan Baitul Mal’s efforts seemed to have been futile in this depressing scenario, and the children’s futures looked bleak.

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In light of these obstacles, PBM decided that kids involved in the Pakistan Sweet Home initiative would be able to graduate from the nation’s best colleges and premier educational institutions, with all costs covered, he continued.

He said that our kids might apply for jobs with different Public Service Commission when they graduate, including federal and provincial ones like Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

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In addition to having access to excellent employment opportunities in federal and provincial institutions, they will also be able to take the prestigious CSS exam. This initiative’s major goal is to integrate impoverished and orphaned children into society at large and ensure them a better future.

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