UBL Credit Cards Annual Fee for 2024

United Bank Limited (UBL), which serves more than 10 million clients, is a leader in Pakistan’s banking and financial services industry.

The bank provides a variety of cutting-edge and captivating cards that allow users to customize whatever they choose and are backed by chip security.

It provides clients with the following credit cards:

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

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UBL Credit Cards Annual fee, January through June of 2024

The bank has released an updated schedule of fees for January through June of 2024. Additionally, it has released updated credit card annual fees.

Basic Card Annual Fee

For Silver credit cards, the yearly basic card charge is Rs4,000, and for Gold credit cards, it is Rs 8,000. The Platinum credit card now charges an annual fee of Rs 16,000 annually.

Supplementary Card Fee

For the Silver category, the extra card charge is Rs 2,000, while for the Gold category, it is Rs 4,000. It is now Rs8,000 for credit card holders with Platinum status.

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