Voter Slip for Pakistan Elections 2024: Details inside

For an easy process of vote casting and finding their polling station, a voter slip is important. The voter’s slip can be accessible to the people and they get their slip using several ways.

Tomorrow on 8th February, all citizens of Pakistan can go to the designated polls to elect the members of the national assembly and also four provincial assemblies.

The polling stations will open at 8:00 am and start polling which will continue till 5:00 pm. For a smooth process of voting, the government has declared an official holiday all over Pakistan.

Voters must bring their original CNICs with them even if they have expired ID cards but photocopies are not allowed.

For 265 seats of the National Assembly, a total of 5121 candidates are willing, and for 569 provincial assembly seats, a total of 12695 candidates are willing.

According to the latest data showed by the Election Commission of Pakistan, a total of 128585760 voters are registered from all around the country.

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Process of getting Voter Slip:

There are three different ways of getting voters to slip among which the first one is relatively easy and simple.

ECP has provided an easy way of getting voter slips by collaborating with the NADRA to facilitate the eligibility of voters.

They can check their registration status by sending a message to 8300. Write your CNIC number and it to 8300 then they will reply with the name of your electoral area, block code, and serial number.

To get your voter slip, you just have to write this received information on a paper, and simply your voter slip is ready, you can cast voter for Election 2024 using this slip.

Comparatively, the second way of getting slips is a little hectic as compared to the first method. For this, the registered voter will have to visit their respective Election Commissioner’s office from where they can their slip. But they have to wait in a queue for this.

Another easiest way of getting an electoral slip is through your mobile phone. When you send a text message on 8300 and receive your information including your name, block code, and polling station name, you can simply take a screenshot of it. And get its print from a nearby Photoshop. You can use this printed slip for vote casting.

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