How to Apply For ASF Vacancies, Complete Guide

In this article, we will discuss in detail how to apply for ASF (Airport Security Forces) and what its requirements are, after which candidates will not face any difficulty in applying online for Airport Security Forces.

To apply for ASF first of all you have to click on website and after that, you will see an interface with three options advertisement, apply online, and apply instructions. From there, you have to click on Apply Online.


After clicking on apply online, the sign-in form will appear. If you have already created an online account, then log in by entering your email and password, but if you want to create your account, then click the button sign-up button.

How to Apply For ASF

After clicking on signup, the signup form will appear in front of you. First of all, you have to write your CNIC without dashes, then you have to write your email address and after that, you have to give your password. You have to keep an easy password and resubmit to confirm this password.

After confirming the password, you have to click on sign up, and then your account will be created.

The home page of AirPort Security Forces will open, in which there will be four options on the left-hand side of the dashboard Registration Form. You have to click on the registration form.

After the registration form is opened, first you have to give your personal information in you have to upload a picture of yourself with a white or blue background which is passport size and its size should be less than 30 KB.

It should be noted that you should not upload a selfie, you have to upload the same as it is on your passport or CNIC card, After that, you have to select your test center whichever one is closest to you. Now you have to write your domicile province then you have to write your domicile district.

After that, you have to write your name, and then you have to fill in the columns of the father’s name, date of birth age, CNIC number, mobile number, cast, gender, and religion.

Then you have to enter your postal address and permanent address. If you want any age relaxation, then there is also a column on which you will click to see the available options.

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After that, if you are a disabled person, then you have to tick the disability certificate that you have obtained from the government hospital.

If you have a driving license then you can click on yes and no This is especially for those who are applying for a direct driving job.

Now you have to give academic information and you have to input the information of the highest degree.

 If you have any professional qualification or diploma certificate then you have to give that information also in which you have to write the name of your diploma certificate, institution name, total marks, and then obtained marks with your marks percentage.

You also have to give your employment record if you are a job holder somewhere then first you have to write the name of your department and organization then you have to select the category whether it was government semi-government or private. In it, you have to input all legal information required from your previous tenure with any other organization.

Now you have to click on the save button.

After that, the posts for which you are eligible will be shown to you and you can select any of them and apply.

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