How to Get a Police Character Certificate, Complete Guide

The Procedure of How to Get a Police Character Certificate

In excess of 500,000 Pakistani nationals traveled to another country during the initial eight months of 2023 looking for work while a great number of students are looking for educational opportunities in different foreign nations.

In the midst of a few different requirements for study and employment visas, a character certificate, which is given by the police of separate districts, is a significant record.

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A police Character certificate is expected for voyaging abroad, employment in various associations abroad, migration, and so on.

Beforehand, residents needed to deal with issues for getting character certificates because of a complex and time-consuming interaction.

In Punjab, Police Khidmat Markaz (PKM) has improved and made it time-proficient. The resident can now apply for a Character Certificate from any Police Khidmat Markaz all over Punjab instead of truly visiting that specific region/address for which a character certificate is required.

For instance, on the off chance that the resident is right now residing in Multan and needs to get a certificate from Mianwali (where he/she resided beforehand), he/she can apply for it straightforwardly from PKM in Multan as opposed to going the whole way to Mianwali.

Required Documents for Police Character Certificate:

  • CNIC or B-Form and copy
  • Original and Photocopy of Passport
  • Affidavit
  • Authority Letter (Assuming the candidate is abroad). Authority letter with the stamp of the concerned Embassy will be acknowledged, if not it ought to be confirmed by two decent people who are known to the candidate. The term of candidate stay should be referenced in the authority letter.
  • Photo (Assuming that certificate of any close family member (Blood Relation) is required)
  • On the off chance that the candidate is out of the country, the form can be submitted by any close family member (sibling, father, mother, sister, and so on) with the authority letter of the candidate.

Processing Fee for Certification:

  • Candidates are expected to pay Rs500 in the wake of the charge for the person’s certification. The fee can be submitted on one of the counters of PKM.

Processing Time:

  • Candidates will receive their character certificate through dispatch within three working days after submitting an application form.

Police Khidmat Markaz in Punjab:

  • Individuals can really look at the complete rundown (List) of Police Khidmat Markaz here.

How to Get a Police Character Certificate, Complete Guide

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