How To Vote with an Expired CNIC in Elections? Details Inside

In a recent declaration, Additional Director General Haroon Shinwari addressed the nation’s preparation for the impending elections on February 8th, assuring residents that the Election Management System (EMS) issues had been properly resolved.

EMS has issues with persons having expired ID cards, and management was working on it to resolve this issue with immediate effect before the general elections.

At a media briefing in Islamabad, Shinwari emphasized the effective resolution of concerns raised during the EMS testing phase. Notably, persons with expired ID cards can now use their voting rights without difficulty.

This statement will be a tension reliever for the persons who want to vote but have expired ID cards and cannot renew them before the elections due to the short period.

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Shinwari emphasized inclusion, stating that voters with expired IDs will experience no barriers, confirming an order sent to all staff members to facilitate their unobstructed participation in the voting process.

To improve the efficiency of the voting process, officials purchased 3,000 computers for EMS, with 3,600 operators trained to use them effectively.

A special control room has been constructed to oversee the elections, which has cutting-edge technology that operates independently of the Internet via a secure private network. Shinwari emphasized the use of modern monitoring tools to guarantee a fair and transparent election process.

Furthermore, residents across the country may easily file concerns via email or a single phone number, simplifying the feedback system and maintaining accountability throughout the voting process.

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