Mass Migration as Over 630000 Pakistanis Flock Abroad in 2023 in Pursuit of Employment Opportunities

Over 630,000 Pakistanis departed the nation in the first nine months of 2023 in pursuit of better employment prospects abroad.

In the first nine months of the current calendar year, or till September, 633,108 Pakistanis were registered for foreign employment, according to data issued by the Bureau of Emigration & Foreign Employment. There were 540,282 Pakistanis who departed the nation up until July.

This indicates that more than 92,000 Pakistanis departed the nation in September in pursuit of employment.

According to a breakdown of the data, 141,282 people were drivers and 275,433 people were laborers who departed the country during the time under consideration. Along with 6,351 engineers, 5,876 accountants, 2,580 doctors, and 1,194 teachers, these individuals also fled the nation.

According to the bureau’s breakdown of occupational groups, of those who departed, 17,058 were highly qualified, 35,414 were highly skilled, 232,933 were skilled, 65,922 were semi-skilled, and 281,781 were unskilled, making up the vast majority.

302,634 workers departed the country for Saudi Arabia, 173,561 for the United Arab Emirates, 44,567 for Oman, and 44,777 for Qatar. Malaysia (18,609), Bahrain (9,599), Romania (4,405), Greece (2,676), and Iraq (2,646) are some of the other noteworthy nations on the list.

It is important to note that the information provided by the Bureau of Emigration & Overseas Employment only applies to individuals who have registered with the organization.

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This list excludes those who relocate overseas for education purposes or by any other means, such as direct immigration.

832,339 Pakistanis left the country in search of work last year, the highest number since 2016.

Impact of this immigration on Pakistan

The sharp increase in migration is a reflection of the workforce’s ambition and desire for economic expansion in Pakistan, but it also gives rise to worries about brain drain and its effects on the country’s development.

Cultural, linguistic, and legal barriers, as well as problems with exploitation, subpar working conditions, and restricted access to legal protection, are challenges that migrants encounter in their new communities.

Accurate and timely data is crucial for policy-making and safeguarding the welfare of Pakistani workers overseas in this era of globalization. In charge of maintaining this data is the Bureau of Immigration and Overseas Employment.

The government is acting to protect the safety and welfare of its expatriates because it understands how important it is for them to work abroad. Enhancing labor contracts, increasing consular services, and providing financial incentives are some of these initiatives.

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