National Curriculum Council Launches 62 New School Subjects

Here is an update about the new subjects by the National Curriculum Council. The National Curriculum Council of Pakistan (NCCP) is introducing 62 new subjects for students in grades nine to twelve as part of a major curriculum update that comes after nearly three decades. 

The NCCP Director reportedly acknowledged that 38 topics, ranging from class 9 to class 12, will be revised for the curriculum. This information was reported by a private news program. 

He continued by saying that Trade Fair Technical Education and Technical Subjects are now optional subjects in the National Council’s curriculum.

The Director also disclosed the introduction of 38 optional subjects for grades nine through twelve, in addition to 10 new technical subjects and 14 enhanced technical subjects within the technical education curriculum.

For the ninth through eleventh-grade optional topics, a new curriculum might be anticipated for the following academic year. He declared that topics in technical education will now include fashion design, dressmaking, and medical technology.

Additionally covered will be data coding, hospitality management, tourism management, graphic design, and media production. 

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The updated technical disciplines will include Computer Application, Computer Hardware, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Event Management, Telecommunication Technology, Advertising, and Solar Construction.

The NCCP Director also indicated that topics like food processing, conservation, motor winding, automation and robotics technology, welding, and woodworking will be included in the curriculum.

 He also said that the curriculum will contain several foreign languages, including Arabic, Persian, Chinese, and French.

This will prove a beneficial addition to the curriculum and will help increase the knowledge and confidence of students. 

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