PSL 2024 Introduces Watch & Earn on Myco

In the PSL digital streaming rights auction the digital streaming rights were up for grabs in which myco, the global blockchain video streamer, secured digital streaming rights for HBL PSL Seasons 9 and 10.

This was a momentous move for the global blockchain video streamer, now fans are preparing for HD cricket mayhem and a “Watch & Earn” method that will transform fans into cricket tycoons. 

You can now count on the excitement owing to our flawless collaboration with Simpaisa.

How to Withdraw Rewards

The biggest concern of the fans will be how to transfer their reward into their accounts, now the collaboration of the myco with payment partner Simpaisa has the answers for it.

Users may quickly withdraw their profits and deposit them directly into 35+ bank accounts and all major digital wallets in Pakistan. This makes the entire rewarding experience seamless and simple.

Myco is a digital video blockchain app, that made its mark on the global stage during the ICC World Cup 2023 when it was the number-one choice of the fans around the world.

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Myco, which is trending at the top of both the app and play stores, has dispersed over 20 million PKR in advertising money to over 250,000 highly engaged viewers.

Myco continues to stream numerous cricket leagues in Pakistan and throughout the world, including ILT20, SAT20, and SPL. It has a long history of cooperation, including with PCB, the English Premier League, and the Emirates Cricket Board, as well as significant squash, tennis, and racing events throughout the world.

It is a globally known online video streaming app, with a presence all over the world in 204 countries. It has roughly 6.5 Million users worldwide.

It provides an enormous library of over 500,000 content pieces, ranging from documentaries and films to a broad variety of creator and influencer relationships, as well as live sports.

Somair Rizvi, Co-Founder and COO of Myco expressed his delight, saying, “We are committed to offering quality athletic events and content libraries to our Pakistani audience.

This initiative extends our commitment to producing high-quality entertainment while also allowing our viewers to have a long-term financial and creative interest in the content economy.”

It’s worth noting that, while being a worldwide streaming platform, myco is led by dedicated Pakistanis who want to harness their success for the benefit of local fans and producers.

In these trying economic times, myco intends to be a beneficial influence in the country’s digital and economic environment, providing opportunities and contributing to its growth by attracting investment to Pakistan.

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