When ECP Will Announce Complete Election Results? Details Inside

There is a lot of craze about Elections in Pakistan and when the polling is over on Election Day, everyone is waiting for the same thing somehow the unofficial results of the elections have to be done quickly.

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) will publish unofficial results for all 859 seats in the National and Provincial Assemblies on Friday, February 9.

A representative for the ECP told APP that they have finalized all arrangements for tomorrow’s free, fair, and transparent general elections across the nation.

The process of printing the ballot papers by the Election Commission and then delivering them to the polling stations is being completed in a very good and smooth manner. 

Additionally, the production of 260 million ballot papers for all constituencies is complete. The spokeswoman clarified that National Assembly votes are printed on green paper, whereas Provincial Assembly ballots are printed on white paper.

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Except for a few districts, all printed ballot papers have been distributed throughout the country. The printing process began on January 14 and was completed on February 3.

The official noted that, by a Supreme Court decision, ballot papers for 11 National Assembly and five Provincial Assembly seats were reprinted. The original documents will be destroyed following the court’s direction.

He stated that this time, 260 million ballot papers were printed. This represents a 54.74% increase in candidates compared to the previous election.

Despite a 195% rise in demand for special paper, excellent management actions resulted in a decrease of 2,400 tonnes to 2,177 tons. Printed ballot papers are distributed in the following formats: 5% single-column, 50% double-column, 30% three-column, 11.15% four-column, and 2.4% five-column.

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