ED COMSATS Collaborative Initiative for Expertise and Technology Sharing

A two-day international forum on the innovative development of biomanufacturing was held in Tianjin, China on November 9–10, 2023, under the sponsorship of the COMSATS Joint Centre for Industrial Biotechnology (CCIB), in collaboration with the Tianjin Institute of Industrial Biotechnology (TIB), COMSATS, and Alliance of International Science Organization (ANSO).

The Belt and Road Initiative’s shared future vision and the significance of global collaboration in fostering innovation and technology-based biomanufacturing are front and center.

Ambassador Dr. Mohammad Nafees Zakaria, Executive Director of COMSATS, stressed the value of international cooperation in his speech during the opening ceremony.

This is due to the fact that biomanufacturing is essential to solving the various developmental problems that humanity faces, including population increase, environmental deterioration, climate change, disease outbreaks, and pandemics.

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He asserts that the partnership will produce quantifiable results in a number of sectors, such as environmental sustainability, healthcare, and agriculture.

The Director General of TIB, Prof. Yanhe Ma, had earlier stated in his welcoming remarks that he was happy to be working with COMSATS.

He said that this collaboration led to the establishment of CCIB in 2021. The strong industrial development of the biomanufacturing sector—celebrated by the BRI’s tenth anniversary—came before the event.

The landmark agreement between COMSATS and TIB to establish the “China-COMSATS Belt and Road Joint Laboratory on Research and Development” was signed in order to support R&D efforts in the Member Countries.

Industrial Biotechnology is relevant to the event. Prof. Yanhe Ma pointed out that these cooperative arrangements are consistent with the objectives stated by President Xi. The Chinese Academy of Sciences, COMSATS, and several other organizations and stakeholders were thanked by Prof. Jinghua Cao, Executive Director of ANSO, for allowing ANSO to carry out its mandate of advocating realistic approaches to enhancing scientific competence.

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