French Authorities Investigate Over 500 Schools Following Abaya Ban Controversy

French authorities are watching north of 500 schools for signs students could be disregarding a recently declared prohibition on the abaya Muslim dress for females, as children across the nation return to class, the education minister said on Monday.

The public authority reported last month it was restricting the abaya in schools, saying it disrupted the norms on secularism in education that have proactively seen Muslim headscarves prohibited.

The move cheered the political right yet the left contended it addressed an attack against common freedoms.

“There are 513 foundations that we have recognized as possibly worried by this inquiry toward the beginning of the school year,” education minister Gabriel Attal told RTL radio.

He said work had been finished in front of the beginning of the school year to find in which schools this could present an issue, adding that professional school inspectors would be set in specific schools.

There are around 45,000 schools in France, with 12 million students returning to school on Monday.

The hard left has blamed the public authority for anti-extremist President Emmanuel Macron’s attempt with the abaya boycott to rival Marine Le Pen’s extreme right Public Meeting and moving further to the right.

Attal anyway said he was against forcing a restriction on guardians wearing garments that had strict importance when they went with their kids on school trips.

“There is a contrast between what occurs in school and what occurs outside school. What is important to me occurs in school,” he said.

A few driving figures on the right have approached the public authority to make kids wear school uniforms in state schools and Attal said he would report a uniform preliminary in the fall.

“I don’t know if a supernatural occurrence arrangement will take care of all school issues. However, I think it justifies testing,” he added.

A regulation presented in Walk 2004 restricted “the wearing of signs or outfits by which students show a strict connection” in schools.

This incorporates huge crosses, Jewish kippas, and Islamic headscarves.
In contrast to headscarves, abayas – – a long, loose piece of clothing worn to conform to Islamic convictions on the religious dress – – involved an ill-defined situation and had confronted no by and large boycott as of recently.

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