Germany’s Scholz Vows EU Ukraine Funding Facility in Bold Pledge

Olaf Scholz, the chancellor of Germany, stated on Tuesday that he intended to put EU support for Ukraine on a sustainable foundation by the end of the year to aid Kyiv in its journey to join the bloc, looking beyond Ukraine’s fight against Russia’s invasion.

He said at a meeting in Berlin intended to entice German companies to invest there that the “Ukraine facility” would package grants, loans, private and public investments with the grants Ukraine already had access to as a candidate for EU accession.

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He said on Tuesday, “Anyone investing in Ukraine today is funding a future member of the EU, which will influence our internal market and legal framework.” Despite the conflict, he said that over 2,000 German companies are already present in Ukraine, employing 35,000 people as suppliers to the German car industry.

In June, he said, Berlin would host a conference on Ukraine’s rehabilitation.

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