Interim Health Minister Reviews Performance of Govt. Teaching Hospitals

Prof. Dr. Javed Akram, the interim health minister for Punjab, held a conference and evaluated the operations of all the province’s government teaching hospitals. Vice-chancellors, principals, and medical superintendents from government medical universities, colleges, and teaching hospitals attended the meeting, which took place at a nearby hotel.

The importance of leadership skills for hospital administrators was emphasized by participants.

Dr. Akram emphasized that Punjab had a better healthcare system than other provinces, and he attributed this to the province’s long history of prioritizing healthcare improvement.

With almost 10,000 procedures completed to date, the minister praised the launch of primary angioplasty services as a game-changer in cardiology hospitals.

He called for healthcare workers to finish their vaccinations and stated that assessments of government hospitals are still being conducted.

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Dr. Javed Akram further emphasized the importance of health facility programs in ensuring that the general population receives healthcare services without interruption and the continuous efforts to improve the human resources in government hospitals.

Dr. Akram reaffirmed his strong commitment to improving Punjabi healthcare facilities.

He also cited efforts to boost research in medical institutions throughout Punjab, the establishment of health screening programs in educational institutions, and the development of patient-focused facilities in government hospitals.

The health minister also expressed Punjab Cabinet’s ongoing dedication to public service and enhancing the state of the province’s government hospitals and recognized the outstanding contribution of Professor Dr. Nadim Hafeez Butt, Principal of Allama Iqbal Medical College.

The provincial health minister and Punjab’s secretary of health, Ali Jan Khan, evaluated the state of government teaching hospitals during the conference.

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