KU Held a Seminar on the Main Cause of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

The Karachi University (KU) coordinated a seminar centered on acquiring a more profound comprehension of the conflict between Israel and Palestinians.

The occasion occurred at the KU Chinese Educators Memorial Auditorium. It included Dr. Talat Ayesha Wizarat, a previous executive of the KU Department of International Relations (IR), as the visitor speaker.

Dr. Wizarat examined different parts of the continuous struggle, showing that the key realities stay unaltered.

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She underscored the requirement for immediate activities to address the difficulties emerging from the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Dr. Wizarat proposed beginning with a truce and afterward giving fundamental helpful guidance, including clinical help and the reclamation of food supplies. She focused on the significance of guaranteeing that Palestinians in Gaza are not constrained to leave their homes.

Dr. Wizarat supported for the two-state arrangement as a vital aspect of settling the contention.

She communicated that there ought to be no space for politically sanctioned racial segregation or permitting pilgrims to oversee the nation, yet all things considered, they ought to coincide calmly.

Before the presentation of Dr. Wizarat, Professor Dr. Shaista Tabassum, who is the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Arts at KU, brought up basic issues about the Palestine-Israel conflict.

She investigated potential solutions and analyzed the financial and political implications of the contention. Also, she addressed whether Israel could effectively suppress the force of Hamas.

Dr. Naeem Ahmed, the Director of the Department of IR at KU, highlighted the denial of the Palestinian public, on the whole, correct to self-assurance.

He repeated the two-state arrangement as the most reasonable choice for settling the Israeli-Palestinian clash, despite the fact that accomplishing it very well may be challenging.

The specialists at the seminar dug into different parts of the contention, including its authentic foundation, the helpful emergencies it has caused, charges of war violations by Israel, pioneer expansionism, ethnostate elements, and the effect on local populations.

These conversations are meant to give an exhaustive viewpoint on the continuous Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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