Rate of Minimum Wage in Sindh 2023 Revised: New Monthly and Daily Rates Announced

A noteworthy development occurred on November 2, 2023, when the Labor & Human Resources Department of the Government of Sindh released a notification about the updated Rate of Minimum Wage in Sindh, which would take effect on July 1, 2023.

With these adjustments, Sindh’s labor force will finally receive just compensation—a critical first step. These are the salient features:

The updated minimum pay rate for adult and juvenile unskilled workers is Rs. 32,000 per month. This rate applies to all workers in commercial and industrial companies in Sindh.

In line with the 2015 Sindh Minimum Wage Act, the revised rates are applied.

Workers in the same category, whether male or female, will be paid at the same rate.

A number of labor regulations control working hours, overtime policies, and rest days. These laws include the Sindh Factories Act 2015 and the Payment and Wage Act 2015.

Employers, whether registered or not, must pay juvenile and unskilled adult workers at least the minimum wage that has been announced.

Additional Terms and Conditions:

  • The definition of “wages” is found in the Sindh Minimum Wages Act 2015, Section 2(XIX).
  • Piece-rated workers’ pay must be adjusted by employers such that they get at least Rs. 154 per hour.
  • Employers are able to pay higher wages; there is no upper limit on minimum wage rates.
  • A variety of workers, including time-rated, full-time, and temporary piece-rated workers, are subject to the rates.

Companies that offer subsidies, benefits, or allowances are required to provide their employees with these things: free housing, rent, utilities, transportation, medical care, gratuities, pensions, bonuses, insurance, provident funds, leisure, free or reduced-price food, education, holidays, paid time off, attendance allowance, and any other benefits.

The value of welfare facilities or variable or incentive allowances cannot be deducted from the minimum salary rates.

This program strengthens Sindh’s commitment to a just and fair workplace by establishing a standard for worker welfare and rights in addition to aiming to compensate workers fairly.

Rate of Minimum Wage in Sindh 2023 Revised: New Monthly and Daily Rates Announced

Rate of Minimum Wage in Sindh 2023 Revised: New Monthly and Daily Rates Announced

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