Procedure and Services Details of New Online Driving License System in Punjab

Attention, all prospective drivers in Punjab! Exciting innovations are underway to make your process of earning a driver’s license easier and more convenient. 

A new driver’s license program has been announced by the Punjab government, and it will go into effect throughout the province immediately.

The Motor Vehicles Rules 1969 have experienced substantial changes, notably in the driving test procedure. 

In a recent tweet, Lahore traffic police revealed a significant change: the e-sign exam, which is an important element of the driving test procedure, will now take place two weeks later.

It’s vital to note that passing the on-road exam is still necessary, and failing it will result in a 42-day delay before retaking both tests.

The on-road test entails demonstrating your driving abilities on a predetermined course. In the event of failure, take a deep breath and rest for 42 days. Meanwhile, the e-sign test neatly tests your theoretical knowledge over two weeks. Pass both examinations, and your driver’s license will be yours! 

 This change in the Motor Vehicle Rules is a great start toward making the licensing procedure easier for aspiring drivers in Punjab. It displays a desire to promote road safety and ensure that licensed drivers are competent and responsible.

The goal of the new system is to streamline and simplify the driver’s license application procedure. Licenses can be renewed by the updated fee schedule.

Fees Details:

Type of license Present Fee Updates Fee
Motor Cycle 550 Rs. 500 Rs.
Motorcycle Riksha 550 Rs. 500 Rs.
Motorcar, Jeep 950 Rs. 1800 Rs.
Light Transport Vehicle 950 Rs. 2000 Rs.
Heavy Transport Vehicle 450 Rs. 2000 Rs.
Tractor Agri 450 Rs. 1000 Rs
Tractor Commercial 450 Rs. 1500 Rs.
Invalid Carrage 20 Rs. Free
Public Service Vehicle 450 Rs. 1500 Rs.
Other License 100 Rs. 1000 Rs.

Online Registration for Added Convenience:

To make the procedure easier for the public, the traffic police have developed an online service. Given the region’s increased number of license applicants, this ground-breaking move intends to simplify and streamline the licensing procedure.

Renew Your Driving License Online:

Good news for existing license holders! The online method allows users to renew their licenses for one, three, five, or 10 years. International driving permits will be valid for three years. Candidates may instantly get their local and international e-licenses, which eliminates the need for actual driving examinations. 

Some of the Details of New Online Driving License System in Punjab are as follows:

  • Long lines of citizens will be eliminated for duplicate licenses and renewals. Time will be saved as these services will be accessible online.
  • Citizens may issue licenses for a maximum of ten years. International licenses will also be good for three years after they are issued.
  • A contemporary.NET platform will take the place of the 20-year-old Oracle system.
  • You can pay the online learner’s permit cost with Jazz Cash or EasyPaisa.
  • Drivers who drive without a license or with an expired license face a Rs. 2,000 penalty.
  • The process is now more easily accessible throughout Punjab due to the considerable growth in the number of driver’s license issuing offices from 46 to over 1300.

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