Apple to Transition to TSMC’s 2nm Chip Soon

Apple is now making efforts to produce better versions of devices. For this purpose, it is working to make the features of iPhones more advanced.

According to leaks, Apple intends to employ a brand-new TSMC 2nm processor. This is significant for Apple and demonstrates their desire to produce iPhones more quickly and effectively. This news is confirmed by another leak.

In 2025, a large number of these new chips will be produced. This work was referred to on the LinkedIn profile of an Apple employee. It’s hardly shocking, but it does provide some insight into Apple’s future.

It is exciting news for Apple enthusiasts since TSMC says they’ll begin producing 2nm chips in 2025, and Apple may be the first to obtain them!

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Working on “TS2nm” technology was noted in the LinkedIn profile, demonstrating experience in chip creation. This could mean Apple is getting ready to release new iPhone models in 2025.

By using 2nm chips, these phones will be faster and consume less energy, providing consumers with better experiences without rapidly depleting the battery.

Since Apple has a track record of producing high-quality gadgets, this might be a significant advancement.

According to some leaks, other features of the iPhone including Camera details, color options, and redesigned looks will also be enhanced.

In addition, there are reports that Apple’s first foldable device—which is expected to launch in September 2026—will not be an iPhone at all, but rather an iPad or another new category.

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