Saudi Arabia Introduces AI Guidance Robot for Hajj and Umrah Experience

The government of Saudi Arabia has now taken a great step for the ease of pilgrims and visitors of Makkah. It has highlighted the importance of Artificial intelligence and how it can be beneficial for pilgrims and can enhance their experience. 

The majority of the pilgrims who are visiting Makkah for the first time and are not aware of various places to visit can take advantage of this AI-powered guidance system to focus on spiritual enhancement.

Presidency of Religious Affairs at Masjid-e-Haram Shareef and Masjid-e-Nabvi are among the first institutions that are introducing advanced technologies which include ‘Guidance Robot’ to facilitate the rituals of Haj and Umrah.

Guidance robot acts as a receiver which helps pilgrims to provide the answers to their questions on do’s and don’ts using fatwas 

in different languages including English, Urdu, Arabic, Russian, French, Turkish, Malay, Chinese, Bengali, and Hausa. 

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Moreover, the mobile robot has a high-resolution camera and a touchscreen of 21 inches. Clear images of the environment are also provided. 

Faster data transfer is possible with Wi-Fi access, which enhances service efficiency.

The robot’s ability to facilitate direct, real-time communication between visitors and researchers guarantees that visitors’ questions are answered promptly. This is one of its distinctive features.

In addition, the robot also can translate sermons and religious lessons into 11 various languages so that pilgrims can easily understand them. In this way, it enhances access to teachings in a wide range of languages.

Its benefits include quick responses to inquiries, 24/7 accessibility, and amenities that are free for all guests. 

 The Guidance Robot, which provides a variety of services and communication channels that are available to everyone, regardless of background, is a significant milestone in the process of leveraging AI to enhance the travel experience.

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