Apple Nearing Completion of Foldable Phone Design

According to a recent report cited by “supply chain sources,” Apple is reportedly nearing completion on the design of its foldable project.

This development shows that several aspects of the folding device’s design are coming together. It points out the project’s impending completion and implies that Apple is now considering mass production.

However, the article suggests that Apple’s foldable device might not be ready for distribution in 2025 or this year.

According to rumors of the past it was suggested that Apple is trying to launch two flip-style foldable devices similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

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All of these, meanwhile, won’t be new iPhones; instead, they’ll belong to a different range. According to some rumors, because of their larger screens, Apple foldable devices with 7-8-inch displays would belong in the iPad category instead.

It’s also conceivable that Apple wishes to conduct some market research before adding foldable devices to its list of best-selling products.

Similar rumors have claimed that Apple is developing a laptop with a foldable screen, much like Asus and a few other Windows laptop manufacturers. A

According to a rumor from Korean news outlets, Apple is in negotiations with suppliers to introduce a MacBook with a foldable screen, which might stimulate the currently stagnant display market.

After an announcement in 2025, the foldable screen MacBook is anticipated to be released in 2026.
Recently, Korean display manufacturers, like Samsung Display and LG Display, have dramatically expanded their investments in OLED panels for laptops in reaction to the saturation of the smartphone market.

Given the increasing potential of this developing industry, both businesses are currently working closely together on the research and production plans for foldable OLED panels designed exclusively for laptops.

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