New Prophet’s Mosque App Helps Devotees Avoid Crowds and Schedule Prayers for Ramadan

Saudi Arabia has now launched a new mobile application for the comfort of pilgrims. The major of this application is to assist the pilgrims who are visiting Masjid-e-Nabvi during the holy month of Ramadan.

The “status of prayer places” app, created by the General Authority for Care of the Prophet’s Mosque, offers real-time information on the capacity status of various prayer areas within the mosque.

Worshippers can avoid traffic by scheduling their visits in advance by using this creative technology, especially during periods of congestion.

The App is available in Urdu, English, and Arabic language due to which everyone can easily use it. This user-friendly app uses color codes to show the status of prayer locations’ capacity. Grey represents “unavailable,” pink suggests “full,” yellow indicates “crowded,” and green indicates “available.”

Now, pilgrims can obtain essential information to make their prayers in the holy mosque at Madinah, where they frequently gather after performing Umrah.

The Saudi government additionally went to extraordinary efforts to arrange for the influx of fasting individuals throughout Ramadan. At the Prophet’s Mosque, plans call for serving more than 8.5 million iftar meals and over 2.5 million bottles of Zamzam water.

For Muslims who visit the holy place during Ramadan, these initiatives guarantee a seamless and satisfying experience. These efforts are made for the easiness of pilgrims so that they can enjoy their journey.

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