91 % of Nursing Schools and Colleges in Sindh Are Fraudulent

Corruption in Pakistan and especially corruption in Sindh rose to a very dangerous level which is very dangerous for the justice system in Pakistan. Corruption is happening in almost every department in Sindh, and the Sindh government is not worried about it.

The Senate Sub-Committee on National Health has prepared a report on the Pakistan Nursing Council’s List of Affiliated Colleges, according to which 90 percent of the nursing schools and colleges in Sindh are fraudulent and are not under the direction of any hospital or medical institute for clinical practice.

The Senate Sub-Committee on National Health, whose chairman is Senator Rubina Khalid, has discussed this issue in the Senate, in which the fraudulent affiliation of nursing schools and colleges with the Pakistan Nursing Council and then the issuance of fake degrees and certificates.

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She has expressed his dissatisfaction and said that it has been a year since the issue was raised in the Senate but no one has investigated it yet and she said that it seems that The PNC has more powers than the Prime Minister.

Failure to follow the directives of the Senate Committee and the Parliament is a testament to the failure of the PNC.

She added that the current PNC setup has many problems and shortcomings and I hope the new council will play a proactive role in improving the PNC setup and weeding out the black sheep.

The secretary informed the sub-committee that when the new setup is made, the registrar and other personnel in it will be changed.

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He further said that the new setup of the nursing council has been formed whose function will be done by the governing body and its meeting is expected today as per the schedule.

Secretary further informed that when this council starts working, it will try to solve the problem of fake schools and colleges on an urgent basis and orders have been posted which were recommended by the Senate Sub-Committee on them. Then the head of the sub-committee Senator Rubina Khalid in its remarks said that they will call PNC’s new representative after the first meeting.

Briefing the sub-committee, PN&MC said that the council will never tolerate any ghost college and fake nursing institute affiliated with PN&MC and strong legal action will be taken against them. Then the sub-committee asked to give us the list of the number of colleges that you have closed so far, on which the registrar of PN&MC remained silent.

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The sub-committee has warned the PNC to submit an inquiry report to them by tomorrow morning in which they have identified how many fraudulent colleges and how many of them have been closed down.

The sub-committee pointed out a point in the rules and regulations of the PNC saying that it is this policy in which no one except the PN&MC can inquire about their policies.

Then further discussion in this matter was postponed for the next meeting.

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