Punjab Governor Calls for Increased Measures to Combat Sexual Harassment in Universities

The growing cases of sexual harassment in Pakistani universities are a matter of concern and government-based measures are needed to control them.

Punjab Governor Baligh-ur-Rehman has made an unequivocal stride towards controlling sexual harassment in universities. In an authoritative order on Friday, the governor laid out a plan for universities to address and control cases of sexual harassment.

This comes directly following sexual harassment cases inside educational institutions.

The directive orders institutions to follow specific instructions to lay out a more secure environment for all individuals from their communities. The governor stressed that protection against inappropriate behavior is necessary to keep an air helpful for learning and self-awareness.

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He strictly expressed that any type of sexual harassment wouldn’t go on without serious consequences.

The chalked-out measures included the foundation of an inquiry committee for investigating any case of misconduct, finalizing reported cases within 45 days, and assigning a senior female employee as a focal person to get all complaints.

The focal person should be an outsider from the university’s administration structure, which will guarantee secrecy and protection while taking care of complaints.

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Furthermore, the strategy ought to be incorporated inside the university’s principles, translating into local language, bringing issues to light through different means, and carrying out a ‘code of conduct’ that characterizes inadmissible ways of behaving and their results.

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