Severe Shortage of Teachers in Baluchistan Schools Revealed By UNICEF Report

Shortage of Teachers in Baluchistan Schools

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the Unified United Nations (UN) organization devoted to the government assistance of children, has revealed insight into the Shortage of Teachers in Baluchistan Schools and their desperate conditions.

A UNICEF designation recently met with the interim provincial education minister in Quetta to present a comprehensive overview of the education sector condition in the region.

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As per the UNICEF report, a stunning 4,000 schools in Baluchistan are without essential latrine facilities, and the issue is especially articulated in girls’ schools. Incredibly, the report features that a solitary educator is available for 6,700 schools in Baluchistan.

This serious deficiency of the facilities and teachers is seriously hindering the nature of education in the Baluchistan region district, leaving endless students with a lack of basic educational facilities.

The interim provincial education minister expressed worries about the overwhelming difficulties they face. With roughly 400 teachers resigning every month, the sluggish speed of recruitment fuels the issue.

To address this, 11 out of the 36 regions have started to hire teachers on a contract basis, while 150 Primary schools are presently going through changes under the 100-day plan to raise their status to middle schools.

UNICEF’s report has uncovered the pressing requirement for extensive changes in Baluchistan’s education sector to guarantee that each child of this province approaches quality education and fundamental facilities for their tenure of education.

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