Sindh Halts Funding for Private Medical Institutes in Bold Policy Shift

The financing of private medical facilities in Sindh has been temporarily suspended by the provincial health department. Until they turn in an audit report, money will not be disbursed.

Local media reports state that in order for private medical facilities to receive funds, the provincial Health Department has implemented strict regulations.

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The ruling will be applicable to all of Sindh’s private medical facilities, including Indus Hospital and the Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT).

The caretaker health minister of Sindh claims that no documentation exists about the use of the previously allotted funds.

He claimed that the health department gave private medical facilities Rs. 87 billion in revenue last year. The minister went on to say that although he has requested the audit results, the institutions have requested more time.

He made it plain that unless they produce a thorough audit report, the province government will not give them any more funding.

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