Sindh Launches Biometric Attendance System in Government Institutes

In the midst of mounting numbers of absenteeism, the Sindh government has carried out a critical measure by presenting a biometric attendance system.

This drive expects to control absenteeism and upgrade accountability.

The system requires employees to log their attendance using biometric data, ensuring more accurate and efficient tracking of working hours.

This proactive step is anticipated to foster greater discipline and regularity among the workforce in Sindh’s governmental sectors.

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The action comes after allegations of recurrent staff absenteeism sounded alarm bells in the halls of power.

The issue of tardiness among officials and other government employees has been a major source of worry for Sindh’s interim Chief Minister (CM).

To solve this issue, the Department of Services General Administration has issued guidelines mandating the adoption of biometric attendance systems in all government institutions.

As part of this strategy, the administration has decided to install biometric devices in every provincial government office.

Employees must record their attendance with their ring finger on these machines.

The tracking of employee admission and leave from government buildings will now be monitored systematically using biometric technology, providing better accountability.

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