IMARAT Group Has Launched The TameerSaTaleem Initiative To Renovate Schools From Construction Waste.

Many education facilities in Pakistan require renovation as their buildings are very old and dilapidated due to a lack of renovation. On the other hand, new constructions are being started in cities with great vigor, demolishing old buildings and much of their waste material is in dire need of utilization.

Recently, the IMARAT Group of Companies has launched an initiative under its corporate social responsibility program called “TameerSaTaleem”.

Under this initiative, a campaign will be launched to encourage the use of construction waste and other extra-materials in schools which is located in slum areas and need of renovation as many of their buildings are in a dilapidated condition.


Last year, when Wood Waste was used to make low-cost school furniture under this campaign, the initiative received a lot of praise on social media and other public circles. This initiative has also been launched this year due to public interest and appreciation.

Chairman IMARAT Group Shafiq Akbar expressed his views and said that we want to promote sustainable development and education equity in Pakistan under the concept of construction material management where large constructions are going on.

We are promoting that the extra material left over from the construction site should be used for the renovation of the schools.

He further said that under last year’s initiative, more than 100 items of furniture were made which are present in different schools these schools have been named Baithak School and 18 thousand students are getting an education in them.

According to a survey, more than 50,000 schools in Pakistan are in a dilapidated state and to renovate these schools, IMARAT Group has started this initiative in which extensive renovation of these schools will be done.

After this, a cleanliness campaign will also be launched in collaboration with the Capital Development Authority to remove garbage from around these schools.

Zoha Javed, Project head has said that it is important that we educate children about climate change, urban flooding, and torrential rains.

She further said that children should be told about the Sustainable Development Goals and the Sustainable Development Goals should be advertised in such a place that they are easily accessible to the students.

According to the leadership of the IMARAT Group, the aim of launching the TameerSaTaleem initiative is to provide equal educational opportunity to the children of remote and backward areas.

The TameerSaTaleem Initiative was presented at the Istanbul Youth Summit 2023 where it won three international awards. If you support the implementation of this initiative widely, please vote by visiting the official website of TameerSaTaleem.

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