University of Okara Hosts Seminar on Breast Cancer Awareness

By working with the University of Okara’s (UO) Directorate of Career Counseling to host an informative lecture on the topic, the Okara Patients Welfare Association (OPWA) made huge progress toward increasing public awareness about breast cancer.

Prominent speakers at the event offered priceless insights on early identification, prevention, and treatment of breast cancer.

The enthusiastically attended speech at UO illuminated a crucial topic and was a ray of optimism. The partnership between OPWA and UO demonstrated the organization’s dedication to sharing important knowledge about breast cancer prevention and treatment choices.

Dr. Nasrin Akhter, Director of Career Counseling at the University of Okara, greeted everyone and highlighted the value of programs that address significant health issues.

In her introductory remarks, she underlined the seriousness of breast cancer, pointing out that it is a prevalent health issue that impacts a significant number of women in our community.

Dr. Nasrin Akhter emphasized the need to raise awareness and disseminate information that has the potential to save lives.

“A major health concern that impacts a large number of women in our culture is breast cancer,” said Dr. Akhter. In addition, she conveyed her appreciation and pride for working together with the Okara Patients Welfare Association (OPWA) to present the seminar.

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She stated that these collaborations are essential to bringing together many facets of society to confront and spread knowledge about urgent health issues, which in turn promotes a community that is healthier and better, informed.

Dr. Walija Shamkha of Sahiwal Medical College gave the keynote address. She emphasized how crucial early detection is. She highlighted that “when diagnosed in its early stages, breast cancer can be effectively treated.” Mammograms and self-examinations regularly can be life-saving procedures. Get checked out right now.

Drs. Fatima Rasheed, Maryam Yousaf, Ayesha Khan, and Saleha were among the other speakers. The audiences were also given insights by Sadiq Amin, a senior administrative officer of the UO, and Muhammad Asghar, marketing manager of OPWA.

While concluding the program, Dr. Nasrin showed gratitude to all of the participants and speakers for their determination to increase public awareness of breast cancer. “Working together with groups like OPWA, we can significantly improve the health and well-being of our community,” she stressed.

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