Young Doctors Rally for a Retake of MDCAT Exam, Demanding for Fairness and Transparency

Young Doctors Protest for Retake of MDCAT Exam

In an intense presentation of disappointment, the Young Doctors Association in Sindh has rioted to protest the supposed paper leak in the entrance examination for medical and dental colleges.

They state that this hole sabotages the standards of meritocracy, requesting a retake of MDCAT exam (Medical and Dental College Admission).

At the same time, the Education and Evaluation Testing Agency (ETEA) has conflicted with the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) over a hostile decision.

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PMDC’s decision to grant grace marks to all MDCAT candidates assuming 90% fail to answer questions accurately spread a shock among students and their parents.

ETEA, acting through Khyber Medical University (KMU), presented a disagreeing note to PMDC, contending that this strategy unreasonably disadvantages the top-performing 10% of students who addressed questions accurately.

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The organization focused on the significance of equity in not punishing successful minority students.

Furthermore, ETEA has asked local officials and authorities to get serious about people offering advance access to MDCAT questions and report such criminal operations.

The debate has likewise incurred a financial loss of Rs. 23 million on ETEA because of the rescheduling of MDCAT from 27 August to 10 September. Peshawar government authorities have reprimanded PMDC’s grace marks formula, naming it “non-professional and flippant.”

Legal difficulties are expected if the policy is executed, with some devoted students and guardians promising to prosecute the matter.

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