10 Best Trending YouTube Channel Ideas in Pakistan

I am going to tell you that if you are thinking of starting a YouTube channel and you don’t know what content you should create or you don’t have any content ideas, then I am going to give you 10 such content ideas.

Food Vlogging

The first place is Food Vlogging. It doesn’t mean that you have a very good camera or that you have to pay a fee in front of you. Go to any restaurant that makes a good pizza samosa or sandwich and record the video by doing it in fast motion, if you put it on YouTube, you can make small clips about how this samosa or sandwich is going to be prepared.

By combining such footage, you can bring it in the form of a short video, which can be made into shorts, Long videos can also be made, and these can be shown in kitchens and other food channels.

Animal Channel

Animals are found everywhere in Pakistan. I also saw that a donkey was given as a wedding gift. Now the thing is that Pakistani people love animals very much and many channels are about pet animals and they are trending today. You can also create an animal channel that can tell about animals and their information.

Budget management

I don’t think anyone is doing so much work on this before, that is budget managing. Budget managing like-up, take one thousand rupees and go out in front of the camera and teach people how to manage a thousand rupees, how to manage a budget.

Tech Reviews

It’s about giving your reviews on anything which is newly launched. For example, you can compare recently launched new models of mobiles with old ones and can tell about their specifications. In this, you can hide your face and can use your voice only.

Islamic Hadiths

In this you can tell about the number of this hadith, where is it written, what is it about and this content is not going to end with you. Make a short video of this and upload it on your channel.

Stories & Events

read a short story and record it then make a video by editing different photos in it which will be 4 to 5 minutes or 10 to 15 minutes long. You can make stories about different events like historical events of Pakistan’s independence and world war events.


You can get complete details about anyone from Google, all his photos, you can make a video about him, and you can pick up all his information from Wikipedia, real authentic, if people know about him. I can tell you that this topic also has millions of views.

Movie Explanation

In seven to eight minutes, many people explain in the videos by carding some scenes of the movie in the middle or if you want to avoid copyright claims then you simply put only the frames of the movie i.e. pictures in between.

If you will research this content, you will see that this content is also going to millions and you can easily make content at home without showing your face.

Educational News

At number nine, we have Educational News. You can also create content very easily at home without showing your face. There are many schemes of the government which go a lot in up trending. It’s very easy it includes simple screen recording of the laptop screen and information in the form of your voice recordings.

Workshop Videos

There are many workshops like the tire repair shop, truck repair shops motorcycle air filling shops, or small ones to make nuts & bolts we just record it and put the same simple video on YouTube, then it gets millions of views.

Such people who create such content, put one video several times a month, but that one video touches 60 million or sometimes crosses it, you will do your research on it, and then you will know.


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My name is Muhammad Ehsan I had been part of different websites and news agencies as well. I am interested in Media and news writing.

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