10-Year-Old Tech Prodigy Joins Karachi University as Assistant Teacher

Pakistani youngsters are doing a lot of activities in the world of technology, the best example of which is Amna Amir Shehzad, a 10-year-old girl from Karachi.

10-year-old Amna Amir Shehzad from Karachi is resisting age standards and cultural assumptions. In addition to the fact that she is chasing after her dreams of becoming a data scientist, she is likewise conferring her insight as an assistant teacher at Karachi University.

Amna’s remarkable journey started with learning about technology through the Saylani Techno Kids program, which played a key role in her quick advancement.

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The wonder girl immediately dominated programming and software dialects like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, in any event, wandering into facilitating hosting platforms like GitHub and Firebase.

Her commitment paid off when she got the third position citywide in the Rechnokids program, where she enrolled in several tech courses, including Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Suite, and Canva.

Regardless of her age, Amna’s ability didn’t be ignored. In the wake of finishing an HTML task in record time, she grabbed the eye of her educator and sister. This prompted a surprising entry-level position offer, in the end turning into an assistant teacher at Karachi University.

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 All the while, she proceeds with her specialized preparation at programming software houses partnered with the University and also attends conventional teaching and online courses given by Saylani.

Amna’s will to go past personal milestones. She wanted to make innovative technology training open to all, especially youngsters from the working class and lower working class.

Her assurance to connect the socioeconomic hole is a demonstration of her dreams and will to empower the youngsters.

As Amna keeps on succeeding in both her educator job and her learning process, her story fills in as a rousing illustration of what age is no boundary to making a positive impact in the realm of innovation, technology, and training.

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