Bio-Health Agriculture Park inaugurated in Sindh Agriculture University

A delegation from Northwest Agriculture and Forest University (NWAFU) in China visited Sindh Agriculture University (SAU) in Tandojam, Pakistan, in an optimistic demonstration of international cooperation.

On this day, the Bio-Health Agriculture Overseas Demonstration Park, which is located in the field area of SAU’s Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics, was formally opened.

This momentous occasion highlights the expanding collaboration between these two academic establishments, with a mutual dedication to propelling agricultural research and development.

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According to Gwadar Pro, the visit led to an understanding to work together on several upcoming projects, laying the groundwork for a successful and long-lasting partnership.

Dr. Fateh Marri, Vice-Chancellor of SAU, chaired a crucial meeting that provided a forum for productive conversations amongst the delegates.

The discussions gained depth with the participation of Ms. Shi Suki, Deputy Secretary General of the Yingling Bio-Health Agriculture Industry Alliance, and the NWAFU delegation, led by Mr. Zhao Limin. During these fruitful discussions, Dr. Shahnawaz Marri, the chairman of SAU’s department of plant breeding, was also actively involved.

This cooperative project represents the international scope of current agricultural R&D endeavors.

There is little question that Pakistan and China will benefit greatly from their common commitment to promoting agricultural innovation.

As evidence of this collaboration, the Bio-Health Agriculture Overseas Demonstration Park is expected to be a center of innovation and excellence, advancing sustainable farming methods, knowledge sharing, and agricultural practices.

It is a positive example of international collaboration in the field of agriculture that will eventually help both countries and the world’s food security.

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