3 Month Dubai Medical Permit to Practice for Foreigners Announced By Dubai Health Authority

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has announced a short-term three-month Dubai Medical permit to practice, which allows visiting medical practitioners to practice in the UAE.

Dubai is providing many facilities to the foreign skilled workforce so that they can come to Dubai easily and work there. Dubai’s initiative to become a global hub of business will only materialize with the presence of a skilled workforce.

The declaration was issued at the Arab Health Congress 2024, which is now taking place in Dubai. According to DHA, this initiative is forward-thinking and has the potential to improve the local health system’s ability to handle catastrophes, emergencies, and crises.

To ensure the presence of medical professionals in the country and the betterment of the medical services in all the government hospitals, Dubai is relaxing its immigration rules and providing services to foreign medical practitioners.

Dubai medical permit to practice is the latest development in this regard.

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According to DHA, the temporary practice permit is meant to create a dynamic environment for the visiting medical experts in response to the demand for educated healthcare practitioners in the emirates and obtain access to specialized medical knowledge.

Dr. Marwan Al Mulla, CEO of the DHA’s Health Regulation Sector, emphasized that obtaining permission does not guarantee prompt approval for a professional license in the same practice.

The appendix to the Unified Professional Qualification Guide specifies particular conditions for obtaining a professional license, which are only achieved if met.

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