UAE Suspends Issuance of Visas for Unskilled Pakistani Worker: Full Details Here

Pakistanis make up about 10% of the population of the United Arab Emirates, making them the country’s second-largest ethnic group. However, as of late, visas for citizens of Asian countries are being denied.

According to unverified allegations, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has stopped awarding labor visas to unskilled Pakistani workers for unspecified reasons.

The unskilled prohibition enforced by the Gulf nation left many people in grave circumstances, according to the Pakistan Overseas Employment Promoters Association, which informed a new channel that it was bad news for those looking for jobs in the United Arab Emirates.

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Adnan Paracha, the association’s spokesperson, disclosed that the UAE Immigration Department imposed a ban without providing a justification.

He claimed that the new policy is causing employment applications to be turned down and that the working class in the nation impacted by the crisis will suffer greatly as a result.

Recalling that Pakistan receives over $450 million in remittances from the UAE each month, Paracha said it will be a significant loss to the people.

This comes after the United Arab Emirates banned citizens of twenty countries from obtaining a visit visa to Dubai because of overstaying and engaging in illicit employment.

According to reports, the ban was established and went into effect right away on citizens of 20 African nations.

According to a few more reports, Pakistani people from particular backgrounds are not being granted visas to the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

One of the biggest and most influential expat populations in the UAE is the Pakistani diaspora; therefore the reports alarmed a sizable portion of the population.

The Pakistani population in the United Arab Emirates has a long history of migration, with many Asian nationals heading there in search of better job prospects and lifestyles.

Reports were dismissed as unfounded by Pakistani officials in the Gulf earlier this year. According to the official, Pakistani nationals applying for visit visas to the Gulf country are not prohibited from doing so.

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