Saudi Arabia Unveils Innovative Temporary Work Visa Program

Amid the quick economic growth, Saudi Arabia has initiated another temporary Work Visa as the demand for skilled short-term workers in Saudi Arabia keeps on rising.

The new temporary Work Visa pointed toward smoothing out and facilitating the most common way of getting short-term workers.

This denotes a takeoff from the past Work Visit Visa, which was fundamentally restricted to specialized and explicit jobs, for example, engineering, frequently utilized in the oil business’ rotational labor force in the eastern territory.

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As per Sara Khoja, a lawyer with Clyde and Co in Dubai, Joined Bedouin Emirates, the new visa is a distinct advantage as it opens ways to a lot more extensive scope of people.

Working visas in the KSA have overwhelmingly been confined to male workers or more seasoned female laborers, typically over the age of 40.

In any case, the presentation of the new temporary Work Visa carries a simple invitation procedure, making it more open and adaptable for a more extensive segment of laborers.

In comparison with the past visa, the temporary Work Visa is a lot more straightforward for foreign workers to obtain. “You want somebody in Saudi Arabia who truly welcomes you; they will sponsor the visa,” Köllisch said.

“So recruitment company should have a business register inside Saudi Arabia, that should be a Saudi business or Saudi element, either a solitary trader in Saudi Arabia, a part of a company or an independent company itself; it ought to be unfamiliar from other companies”

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“It’s not something that an individual could apply for or get without anyone else,” Khoja said.

“It needs to [come from] a Saudi organization, deeply grounded, enlisted with every one of the pertinent authorities, enrolled with the Service of HR. Furthermore, it would apply through an electronic medium for this business of getting a person on a brief premise.”

The visa generally goes on for a year however permits you into Saudi Arabia for times of as long as 90 days at any one time during the yearlong period.

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