Qatar Introduces Innovative Residency Program for Skilled Professionals and Entrepreneurs

A good news for entrepreneurs and talented people who want to work abroad. The government of Qatar has taken the initiative to attract foreign individuals and for providing them with greater opportunities. 

Qatar government has launched a new residence permit program for individuals who are talented and motivated entrepreneurs. Through this program, they can live and work in Qatar for five years, this period can also be extended and renewed. 

In addition to providing foreign nationals with long-term stability, the newly launched permit program acts as a stimulant for investment and creativity in the nation. 

By providing this chance, Qatar hopes to establish itself as a top location for skilled individuals as well as entrepreneurs who can support the development and expansion of the country’s economy. 

In the upcoming months, the program will be open for applications. The following are the exact requirements to be eligible for both the Talent and Entrepreneur categories: 

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Eligibility Criteria for Talented Individuals 

Following are the eligibility requirements for the individuals of the talent category; 

  • An Applicant must obtain a recommendation from the government authority of Qatar, emphasizing the candidate’s experience in one of the thirteen authorized areas, including the arts, entertainment, sports, education, development, science, or innovation. 
  • Applicants must obtain a work offer or contract from a Qatari employer, or prove that they are financially stable by having at least QAR 36,500 (about PKR 28 Lac) to support themselves while they go through the immigration procedure. 

Eligibility Criteria for Entrepreneurs 

The following are the eligibility requirements for the Entrepreneur category; 

  • Applicant must provide a detail of its business plan including investments in Qatar. This plan needs to be approved by one of the nation’s authorized business incubators, such as the Qatar Science & Technology Park or the Qatar Fintech Hub. 
  • Applicant should commit to invest at least QAR 250,000 (almost PKR 2 Crore) in the Qatari market. 

The major purpose of launching this program is to promote sustainable economic growth through foreign investments and entrepreneurship by simplifying the immigration process for qualified individuals and entrepreneurs.

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