UAE Introduces New Labor Accommodation System to Enhance Worker Living Conditions

To enhance the living conditions of employees in the UAE, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) unveiled the most recent version of the Labor Accommodation System.

The project, according to the official news agency WAM, creates a nationwide portal where businesses may register their worker accommodations to ensure they adhere to the guidelines and standards established by the Ministry and its partners.

In accordance with Ministerial Resolution No. 44 of 2022, businesses that employ fifty or more people are urged to make use of this platform to offer authorized housing for their employees.

Online registration is available. Employees can register themselves by using the MoHRE website and clicking on the “Services” icon.

Due to the online system and recurring inspection operations, the Ministry has seen a notable increase in adherence to labour accommodation regulations. Businesses that don’t adhere to these guidelines risk legal action and increased scrutiny until they make the necessary corrections.

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By the end of 2023, compared to February 2022, the Ministry has observed a tenfold increase in registered private sector enterprises conforming to these requirements thanks to collaborations with the private sector and awareness initiatives.

This indicates that employers are becoming more conscious of how important it is to protect employees’ well-being in order to increase productivity. In order to promote compliance, government agencies’ cooperative efforts have been essential.

In 2023, 103 inspection campaigns were carried out in cooperation with federal, state, and municipal organizations to make sure businesses adhere to worker health, safety, and living standards.

To improve the monitoring of working environments and streamline processes, MoHRE has collaborated with appropriate government agencies to build national databases for labor accommodations.

The well-rounded labor accommodation standards system implemented by the Ministry puts workers’ health, safety, and comfort first, enhancing the labor market’s appeal and competitiveness in the United Arab Emirates.

Various needs, such as sufficient facilities for water, power, air conditioning, lighting, washing, cooking, and dining, are outlined in legislation pertaining to labor accommodations.

In order to guarantee that workers’ living conditions are favorable to their health and safety, it also requires the provision of appropriate areas for rest, beds, ventilation, sanitary facilities, and hygiene essentials.

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