Kuwait Implements Three-Month Residency Law Amnesty for Expatriates

A three-month amnesty for foreign nationals who violated residency laws has been announced by Kuwait.

The Deputy Prime Minister, Sheikh Fahad Yousef Al Sabah, announced the news that the amnesty period will run from March 17 to June 17, 2024.

Over 120.000 expatriates will benefit from this action, which allows violators to update their residency status, pay fines, or leave without facing consequences.

Kuwait aims to demonstrate its humanitarianism by allowing people to comply with the law during this period. Those who do not comply with the rules can return later under revised guidelines.

Individuals experiencing difficulties should get in touch with the Directorate General of Residency Affairs. If the amnesty is altered, violators will face harsh penalties like deportation and imprisonment.

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To assist with residency changes, officers are getting ready in all six areas. The highest amount of fine is KD 600 for those individuals who are fixing their status.

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