Fees Will Be Collected By Private Medical Colleges in Punjab under a New Mechanism

The amended fee-collecting strategy for private medical institutions in Punjab was adopted at an important meeting of the Provincial Admission Committee (PAC).

Ali Jan, Secretary of the Specialized Healthcare and Medical Education Department, presided over the meeting at the University of Health Sciences.

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After the new policy is approved, medical students who are admitted to their first-choice college will be required to pay the complete tuition amount directly to the school.

Students will no longer be required to deposit fees at the University of Health Sciences (UHS). The PAC’s move is intended to make the payment process easier for students.

Furthermore, candidates who do not choose an upgrade after their first acceptance will be required to pay the whole amount directly to their individual universities.

Private medical institutes, on the other hand, that seek to collect the whole cost from students must comply with a new affidavit. They shall follow UHS policy regarding fee refunds and transfers.

Colleges will be required by law to return all costs to students who opt to leave their seats or are transferred to another institution within a week and without deductions.

Institutes that are found to be in violation of these regulations may face severe consequences, including legal action.

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