Empowering 15,000 Pakistanis with Cutting-Edge Technology: A Vision Unveiled By the Ministry Of Information Technology

To thrive in the present times, it is a requirement that you equip your youth with the latest technologies. Keeping this in mind, the Government of Pakistan is also taking steps on modern and urgent statements to educate the youth about specialization and technologies.

The Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication has developed a plan to equip 15,000 Pakistanis with new and advanced technologies under the “Capacity Building IT Industry in Specialization Technologies and Platforms program”.

According to revealed documents, the youth will include males and females trained in new and complex technologies such as blockchain, machine learning, artificial intelligence, digital technologies, cyber security, cloud computing, e-health, BPO, agriculture, and other related and most in-demand fields.


All these technologies can be very effective for developing and improving the country in the coming era.

According to the documents found, the Pakistan Software Export Board is holding talks and consultations with the industry and academia, after which they will decide which technologies will be effective shortly, and then on them, the youth should be trained from now on.

Under this program, the first 300 specialized professional trainers will be trained who will then train other trainers on these complex technologies and then the training will be given to all students.

A high-level steering committee has been formed to look into all these matters and then decide where and how long the training courses should be conducted.  

Telecom and Pakistan Software Export Board and Pakistan Software House Association and other relevant stakeholders will also have representation in the Steering Committee.

According to a Ministry of Information Technology official, first, a survey will be conducted to find out which technologies are in demand in the market, then training will be given on these technologies and firms will be hired to provide training, which will be professional in this work and those firms can also participate in online programs.

The total cost of this program will be 2000 million rupees. In the first stage, the government has allotted 1000 million rupees of which 2500 trainees will complete their training and then they will be interns in various IT companies for three months where they will also be given a monthly stipend of 25 thousand for each trainee.

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