New Grading System Implemented Officially For Matric and Inter

In the latest changes to Pakistan’s School system, the deep-rooted numerical grading system in annual matric and inter exams will be removed from all over the country in the spring of next year.

BISE Rawalpindi has affirmed the end of the numerical grading method, replacing it with a grading method, a change invited by Students.

This alteration applies not only to regular annual exams but also to supplementary ones, concluding a 76-year tradition dating back to the country’s founding in 1947.

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This change eliminates the previous 33% passing mark and introduces a 40% passing score. Initially applied to Class IX and intermediate Part I, future result cards will feature Cumulative Grade Point Averages (CGPA) alongside grades.

To facilitate the transition, the Punjab Board will train education boards in Sindh. The new grading system awards A++ for 95-100%, A+ for 90-94%, A for 85-89%, and B++ for 80-84%.

Grades continue with B+ (75-79%), B (70-74%), C (60-69%), D (50-59%), E (40-49%), and F (below 40%).

Preparations are underway, and stakeholders, including education boards, teachers’ organizations, and private educational institutions, have been informed.

A prior attempt to implement a GPA-based system was deferred for a year due to technical issues, with the existing system maintained for this year’s matriculation and intermediate results.

New Grading System Description:

  • The old grading system was a 7-point Alphabetical grading system in which a student needed 33 percent passing marks but in the new grading system a student would need some 40 percent passing marks and instead of total marks now students get GPA and CGPA will be given.
  • Students who score 95 to 100 percent marks will get an A++ grade which will be considered exceptional
  • Those who score 90 to 95 percent marks will get an A+ grade which will be outstanding and those who score 85 to 90 percent marks will get a B++ grade and would be considered exceptional.
  • Those who scored 80 to 85 percent marks will get a B+ grade which is Excellent and those who scored 75 to 80 percent marks will get a Very Good B grade and those who scored 70 to 75 percent marks will get a C grade which will be good.
  • Those who get 70 to 60 percent marks will get a D grade which will be fair, 60 to 50 percent numbers will get an E grade which will be satisfactory those who get 50 to 40 percent marks will be termed as
  • Anything below 40% will be considered unsatisfactory, these candidates can see U on their result card instead of fail.

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New Grading System Implemented Officially For Matric and Inter

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