Pakistan’s Literacy Rate a Concern on International Literacy Day

Pakistan’s Literacy Rate

On International Literacy Day, Pakistan faces a sobering reality. In spite of the worldwide occasion of literacy, the country wrestles with an education rate that misses the mark regarding global guidelines.

Education Secretary Waseem Ajmal Chaudhry uncovered that Pakistan’s literacy rate as of now remains at 59.3 percent, diverging from the 62.8 percent figure detailed in the Economic Survey 2022-23.

Mr. Chaudhry made sense of that the rate in the Economic review was an estimate, without the most recent statistics information.

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After the national census, the genuine literacy rate was estimated to be settled at 59.3 percent, recommending that the country’s literacy rate didn’t decline but instead showed some improvement.

Mr. Chaudhry further noticed that all provinces saw an improvement in literacy rates, with Punjab ascending from 66.1 percent to 66.3 percent, Sindh from 61.1 percent to 61.8 percent, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) from 52.4 percent to 55.1 percent, and Balochistan from 53.9 percent to 54.5 percent. This total increment currently fixes the country’s genuine literacy rate at 59.13 percent.

By and by, the schooling sector in Pakistan keeps on getting negligible funding, an essential supporter of the stagnation in literacy rates.

A central government teacher bemoaned that 60 percent of Pakistan’s literacy rate stays unsatisfactory, leaving 40% of the populace unskilled and uneducated.

Pakistan distributes under 2% of its Gross domestic product to the education sector. The economic survey for 2022-23 uncovered that the amount of money used by federal and provincial governments in the financial year 2022 added up to simply 1.7 percent of the Gross domestic product.

The report likewise featured that 32% of children were out of school, with more girls than boys denied of education. Balochistan had the most noteworthy level of out-of-school children at 47%, trailed by Sindh with 44%, KP with 32%, and Punjab with 24%.

Pakistan at present has the biggest number of out-of-school children internationally, with more than 23 million children deprived of education. Besides, concerns continue in regard to the nature of schooling, with studies showing that a critical number of fifth graders battle to read sentences in both English and Urdu.

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In advanced education, the quality has additionally missed the mark regarding assumptions. Various Ph.D. holders have arranged protests in Islamabad as of late, requesting employment opportunities in government colleges and universities.

As the country observes International Literacy Day, voices inside Pakistan’s schooling sector demand restructuring of the system, stressing the dire requirement for expanded financing support to guarantee the country’s future success through education.

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