Punjab Unveils Comprehensive Program for Upgradation of Schools

In a bid to improve both the instructive quality and managerial proficiency of schools, the Caretaker Chief Minister, Mohsin Naqvi, has given a mandate for the extensive redesign of schools.

This remarkable decision came out of a meeting at the Chief Minister’s office on Thursday. The essential focal point of the meeting was to plan methodologies to improve education by overhauling the current school framework.

With the thumbs up from Mohsin Naqvi, the arrangement for school upgradation in Punjab got rolling, underscoring the need for a well-executable activity plan. A vital part of this drive was the consistent consent to assign the raised government schools as ‘Punjab Public Schools’.

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During the preparation, it was featured that a devoted effort would be made to improve the nature of education by updating one girl and one boy’s school in each division, with a sum of 216 government schools scheduled for upgradation across Punjab. To enable and prepare teachers in model schools, a broad training course is ready to go, booked to be led at prestigious universities like LUMS and UMT.

The general objective of this attempt is to connect the instructive and authoritative hole between government and private schools. To this end, the ability of astoundingly qualified visiting teachers will be enrolled to help the upgraded schools. Prominently, an accentuation will be put on patching up the actual framework, enveloping structures, classrooms, and research centers, to bring them up to state-of-the-art norms.

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To supervise the regulatory issues of the recently settled Punjab Public Schools, a division will be made under the umbrella of the Danish School Authority. This particular wing will be liable for guaranteeing the smooth managerial working of the overhauled schools. The vital meeting saw the cooperation of key figures including the Chief Secretary, Secretaries of Finance, Schools, and applicable authorities, all teaming up to drive this extraordinary instructive drive forward.

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