Students Stage Protest over Security Concerns at Mamond College

On a Saturday, students at Mamond tehsil’s Government Degree College, Barkholzo, put on an intense rally in opposition to the inadequate security and teacher shortage.

The intensity of their worries was demonstrated by the temporary closure of the Umary-Sewai Road for more than an hour as a result of the agitation.

Government Degree College, Barkholzo is the only degree-granting institution in the entire Mamond tehsil, with about 1,500 students enrolled at the moment.

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There is a culture of dread among students and teachers as a result of the protesting students’ concerns about the lack of sufficient security measures.

They shockingly disclosed that the college had no security measures in place, making the establishment exposed.

The students vehemently screamed anti-authority slogans and emphasized that not a single police officer was present to protect them in order to make their point.

The lack of police officers on campus, despite pledges made by top district management and law enforcement officials in November of last year, has left students feeling disappointed.

Ali Rehman, Luqman Khan, Riaz Khan, and other student leaders encouraged the police and district government to act right away to resolve this situation and ensure the college community’s safety.

The students voiced their displeasure over recent instructor transfers at the college in addition to their security worries.

They contended that it was inappropriate for there to be frequent changes in the teaching staff since it interfered with the student’s education, particularly when the vacancies went unfilled for long.

The college was already experiencing a teacher shortage, as evidenced by the multiple posts that had been unfilled for some months.

The students threatened to stage more protests if their concerns were not swiftly addressed, and they asked that the appropriate authorities revoke the professors’ transfer orders.

A positive development occurred when the students chose to lift the road blockade following a meeting with a group of district administration representatives under the direction of Additional Assistant Commissioner Faiz Mohammad.

The officials gave the students optimism for a resolution to their problems by promising to address their concerns right away during the meeting. The kids’ coordinated effort acted as a potent reminder of how critical it is to address the region’s educational and security issues.

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