Hajj Training Schedule 2024 Announced by Government

The Hajj pilgrimage is a hectic process with lots of painstaking steps to be performed with precision and in the allocated days. To do so every pilgrim should have the necessary training to avoid any hurdles. Pakistan prepared to start Hajj training in Pakistan with the announcement of the Hajj training schedule for 2024.

Aneeq Ahmed, Pakistan’s Minister of Religious Affairs, announced during a vital meeting with Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador, Nawaf Bin Said Al-Malki, at the Saudi Embassy in Islamabad.

The meetings between Minister Aneeq Ahmed and Ambassador Al-Malki concluded with an emphasis on the smooth performance of Hajj activities with a focus on finishing the arrangements for this holly journey.

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According to a statement released by Pakistan’s religious affairs ministry, “Aneeq further conveyed that his ministry is gearing up to unveil a comprehensive Hajj training schedule with biometric facilities for the pilgrims next week.” The announcement highlights a new feature: Pakistani Hajj pilgrims will now be able to complete their Saudi visa biometrics from the comfort of their own homes, thanks to the Bio App.

Hajj, an annual Islamic pilgrimage with over 1,400 years of history, is one of Islam’s five pillars. It requires every financially and physically capable adult Muslim to make a pilgrimage to the holy Islamic site of Makkah at least once in their lives.

Last year, Saudi Arabia reinstated Pakistan’s pre-coronavirus Hajj quota, enabling 179,210 pilgrims to do the journey. The highest age limit of 65 years for conducting Hajj has also been lowered. In 2023, about 81,000 Pakistani pilgrims picked the government system, while others went with commercial trip companies.

Pakistan released the results of a Hajj 2024 draw in December 2023, choosing over 63,000 applications for the forthcoming trip under the government plan. The remaining will seek out pilgrimage experiences through private travel operators.

During his discussion with the Saudi ambassador, Minister Aneeq Ahmed underlined the considerable preparations completed for Hajj this year, underlining that Pakistan has implemented unique measures for the convenience of its pilgrims.

Ambassador Al-Malki congratulated Pakistan for being one of the top three nations recognized for the finest coordination and supply of Hajj services. He praised Minister Ahmed for providing great facilities for pilgrims and recognized the commendable efforts of the Pakistani religious affairs ministry and the Hajj mission in meeting pilgrims’ demands.

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