Hinza Asif Makes History as First Pakistani Woman Nominated for Women In Tech Award

Hinza Asif, Chief Executive Officer of NFTStudio24 and Web3 South Asia Union Japan turned into the first Pakistani lady to be selected for the Women in Tech Award at the Females in Tech® APAC Grants.

Hinza Asif is the pioneer and President of NFTStudio24, a Japan-based media stage that plans to eliminate the language and country hindrance between Japan and the world, as well as the other way around, to increment business opportunities in Web3, Blockchain, and Metaverse.

She has 8 years of experience with the media business; and spends significant time in social media advertising and building unions among organizations and governments.

She has worked in the field of IT and blockchain technology for a very long time. With NFTStudio24, Hinza is adding to elevating Web3 to the world by assisting new companies and people with tracking down their ground in the space.

She is also constructing an intelligent Web3 people group where each part gets an opportunity to show their projects and ascend to progress.

Her definitive objective is to connect holes and make productive associations between all partners, cultivating development and cooperation in the business.

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She is among the 5 candidates, addressing the Pakistani people group in the tech world. As an abroad Pakistani, Hinza has been putting forth attempts to advance Web3 reception in Pakistan and India.

By opening ways to form groups and associating Japan’s market with the world, she has laid out a noticeable name in the business.

At NFTStudio24, her work has been instrumental in overcoming any issues between conventional and Web3, bringing the advantages of blockchain and decentralized technologies to the very front of South Asian and Japanese markets.

As a driving force behind the Web3 South Asia Union Japan, Hinza Asif plays an essential impact in encouraging cooperation, development, and information sharing inside the Web3 people group across Pakistan and India in Japan.

She means to construct a flourishing biological system where people can flourish by availing potential opportunities in Web3.

Her endeavors are presently being perceived by Women in Tech as she is a chosen one for the Women in Web3 Awards.

“It’s a distinction to be named. My main goal has forever been to engage people to embrace Web3 technology and investigate its boundless potential,” says Hinza Asif.

Women In Tech APAC Awards will be occurring on Thursday, October 26, 2023, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Hinza Asif Makes History as First Pakistani Woman Nominated for Women In Tech Award

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