Joint Task Force Investigates Passport Issuance Process for Afghan Citizens

According to a report on Wednesday, the federal interior ministry has formed a joint task force to investigate the issue of 12,000 fraudulent passports being issued to Afghanis living in Saudi Arabia.

The government was previously notified by the Saudi authorities about the issue of grade 20 personnel providing Afghans with fake passports from Pakistan.

Many Afghans have reported that they illegally traveled from Pakistan using fictitious passports. It will be investigated by a nine-person Joint Task Force (JTF) led by the Director General (DG) of the Intelligence Bureau (IB).

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The task force includes representatives from the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), PTA, NADRA, Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), and Inter-Military Intelligence (IMI).

The problem of sensitive data leaks and illegal access to the national database will be looked at by the task team. The task committee will also draft suggestions for other organizations and cell phone providers.

The task force will make contact with networks within and outside of the institutions that are involved in the industry.

The nine-person team will also come up with a plan to stop these kinds of things.

Today, there was another development: the Ministry of Interior ordered that legal action be taken against the Afghan citizens who were discovered in Saudi Arabia in possession of forged identity cards and passports from Pakistan.

The letters were sent to 12,500 Afghan citizens under section 18 of the NADRA Ordinance, according to sources with the Federal Investigation Bureau (FIA), based on instructions from the Ministry of Interior.

FIA sources disclosed that 5,500 Pakistani identity cards were issued from Quetta and Peshawar, while the 593 Afghan nationals who received bogus IDs came from Islamabad.

Official legal action has been taken by NADRA authorities against Afghan people who are in possession of forged national identity cards and passports from Pakistan.

According to other sources, the relevant authorities of all centers, including Karachi, Quetta, Lahore, Islamabad, and Peshawar, received formal special instructions from NADRA.

In addition to identifying the guilty parties, the task force will suggest they should be punished. Additionally, it will develop suggestions for strengthening the database’s security and guarding against cyber-attacks.

Within fifteen days, the police will deliver its findings to the Interior Ministry. The matter was brought before a five-person inquiry commission, which was later abolished.

Furthermore, Afghan nationals who are discovered in Saudi Arabia in possession of forged identity cards and passports from Pakistan will have their fake documents immediately canceled and seized.

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