Kalam Robo-Tech Competition 2023 At The Swat Engineering University Summer Campus

Kalam Robo-Tech Competition Today Kick Started In the Swat Region

The Swat Engineering University in its Summer Campus will host and conduct a three-day Kalam Robo-Tech Competition.

This prestigious event, organized in collaboration with the University of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Swat, and the Directorate of Science and Technology, drew more than 400 talented students from 21 educational institutions across Pakistan, including tribal district participants.

The ceremonial opening event was attended by distinguished dignitaries, including Prof. Dr. Iftikhar Hussain, Vice Chancellor of the University of Engineering and Technology. Chief Guest Prof. Dr. Iftikhar Hussain and Dr. Qasim Jan led the ceremonial start of the Robo-Tech contests, formally kicking off this spectacular event.

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Prof. Dr. Iftikhar Hussain praised the event’s organizers for their hard work and outstanding effort, highlighting the diversity of attendees from varied educational backgrounds. He emphasized the presence of youngsters from the Naumania Foundation, an organization that is known for providing necessary education to orphaned students with equal educational chances.

Dr. Taza Gul Khan, Director of Science and Information Technology, emphasized the Directorate’s continuous commitment to fostering science and technology in the province.

Sumo Wrestling, RoboFutsal, Robotic Arms, Off-Road Racing, Flying Rockets, Mini Robo Wars, and Paper Plane events are among the many challenges on offer. A one-day robotics training session was held as an added part of the event for pupils from outlying areas.

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