Kuwait Real Estate Contracts Jump 37% in January ’24

Al-Seyassah Daily reported that During January 2024, the total value of real estate contracts that are registered with the Ministry of Justice was 268.16 million dinars. Figures revealed that its level increased by about 37.02% as compared to the previous month.

It is also indicated through statistics issued by the Department of Real Estate Registration and Documentation at the Ministry of Justice that during the last month, contracts for 411 various properties were traded.

Private real estate was the leading trade product among the six governorates. This is 309 properties having a cumulative value of 141.38 million dinars. Investment real estate with almost 91 properties has a total value of 76.91 million dinars. 

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Then commercial real estate with 8 properties worth 43.2 million dinars. After that, two properties in the craft sector have a total value of 4.55 million dinars, and a property in the warehouse sector is worth 2.11 million dinars.

The increase in real estate activity in several industries highlights the property market’s resilience and expansion. 

The wide range of sales illustrates the complex nature of real estate transactions in the nation, ranging from individual and investment properties to commercial and specialized sectors like crafts and warehouses.

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