Saudi Passport Office Expands e-Services for Expats and Visitors

Saudi Arabia is now making efforts for digital transformations in the country. For this purpose, the General Directorate of Passport has introduced the latest e-services for visitors.

The upgraded services can be accessed through the Absher and Muqeem portals of the Interior Ministry. It includes the ability to record the loss or theft of passports or residency permits, manage digital documents of visitors, edit translated names, access visa information, and get employer notices.

The main goal of providing these services is to save the time of people, to simplify the process, and to increase services for beneficiaries, said the chief of Saudi General Directorate of Passports (Lt. Gen, Suleiman AL Yehia.

As per a recent census, the population of Saudi Arabia is approximately 32.2 million and it hosts a significant number of foreign workers which constitute 41.5% of the total population kingdom.

Authorities have added new facilities to aid immigrants. Foreign residents owing exit or re-entry visas are allowed to return to Saudi Arabia until the expiry date of the visa.

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Furthermore, the Passport’s General directorate also announced that residents holding re-entry visas can also apply for an extension of their visa while living outside the country. And the fees for this can be paid through Absher or Muqeem.

These programs coincide with Saudi Arabia’s digitalization goals, which have been enhanced by the travel restrictions due to COVID-19.

The Saudi Interior Ministry launched the Absher app in 2013, which provides a wide range of services for both foreign and Saudi citizens.

The fact that the app’s functions have expanded over time to include managing residence cards, job applications, passport renewals, and driving license renewals indicates the kingdom’s effort to modernize its administrative procedures.

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